Caduceus Southwest Wine Center Block, YCC

The Yavapai Community College  Verde Valley Campus is located in the foothills of Mingus Mountain in Clarkdale. Here we have an acre of Negro Amaro that’s used as a training ground for future viticulturalists in the Verde Valley. YCC has created the Southwest Wine Center and currently offers courses in viticulture, enology and wine appreciation. Roughly 3400 feet, this site produced its first vintage in 2013.

Varietals & Clones

NEGRO AMARO -> VSC & Four 8 Wineworks RED

Acres under Vine




Avg Yield Per Acre

1.91 tons


A northeast excursion from the Precambrian Mingus Mountain leads to the Yavapai College vineyard block where Negro Amaro was planted into the Alter Family soil series. The mixed alluvium, very gravelly in nature, is dated much younger than the mountain itself. Alluvial fans interspersed with river wash hold lenses of calcareous loamy soil nourishing the vines while roots extended deep into the well drained profile in search of water.

Main Challenges/Threats

Extreme summer heat, Monsoon rains from veraison through harvest.


Precipitation 12.8"
Temperature - Average Summer Highs 98°
Temperature - Record High 118°
Temperature - Average Winter Lows 31°
Temperature - Record Low
Average Date of Bud Break 3/14


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