Caduceus Cellars Marzo Barbera Block (Leased)

Varietals & Clones

BARBERA -> VSC, Shinola, & Oneste

Acres under Vine




Avg Yield Per Acre

2.3 tons


This Southwest facing vineyard lies atop the ancient lava flows of a shield volcano that first erupted 14.5 million years ago. Soils are within the House Mountain series, classified as stony loam and stony clay loam consisting of shallow to very shallow well drained soils that formed in residuum from basalt. Outcroppings of lithic bedrock appear throughout the site.

Main Challenges/Threats

Steep slopes, Extreme summer heat, Monsoon rains from veraison through harvest.


Precipitation 11.8"
Temperature - Average Summer Highs 96°
Temperature - Record High 118°
Temperature - Average Winter Lows 28°
Temperature - Record Low
Average Date of Bud Break 3/28


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