Caduceus Cellars Agostino Block, Cornville AZ

The Agostino/Agostina block is a 3.5 acre plot and home to our Monastrell/Mourvedre, Albarino, Lulienga/Lignan Blanc, & Malvasia Bianca. Historically this has been our most challenging site. Extreme cold Winter temps and late Spring frosts have crippled us here. With the introduction of an Orchard Fan, we’ve managed to keep most of those issues at bay.

Varietals & Clones

LULIENGA/LIGNAN BLANC -> Nagual del Agostina White
MALVASIA BIANCA -> Nagual del Agostina White
ALBARINO -> Merkin Vineyards, The Diddler
MONASTRELL/MOURVEDRE -> Nagual del Agostina Red

Acres under Vine




Avg Yield Per Acre

1.59 tons


The young Agostina’s roots explore a tranquil, overbank flood plain of Riveroad loam, travelling easily, unhampered by cobbles, through the deep, red tainted soil. Geologic age is demarcated with reservation; the gentle slope and higher clay accumulation predispose a Pleistocene river deposit, dated 15,000 to 20,000 years old.

Main Challenges/Threats

Hard freeze/winter kill, Spring frost, Extreme summer heat & humidity, Monsoon rains from veraison through harvest.


Precipitation 11.8"
Temperature - Average Summer Highs 96°
Temperature - Record High 118°
Temperature - Average Winter Lows 28°
Temperature - Record Low -2°
Average Date of Bud Break 4/2 - 4/19


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