The Wines of Southwest U.S.A. – A Guide to New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, and Colorado

By Jessica Dupuy

“Growing grapes in the arid plains of Texas, Arizona and New Mexico or in Colorado’s mountainous terrain has never been easy. Drought, disease, and extreme weather events all present problems, but for the ambitious optimists who dare to pursue their winemaking dreams in America’s southwest perhaps the greatest challenge faced is convincing drinkers to try their wines. After all, this is a region that is most associated with cacti, cattle, and cowboys. Yet many who take a closer look at this region may be surprised to find that they are not simply emerging, but becoming. Indeed, many of the region’s growers and winemakers have gained experience working in more established regions, not only California but also Burgundy, Italy, New Zealand and more. They could easily have pursued their careers elsewhere but something drew them back to this part of the U.S. The Wines of Southwest U.S.A. is a book that aims to change perceptions and convince wine lovers that these states are producing wines every bit as good as those made by their friends on the west coast.”


259 pages.