PUSCIFER X DOUBLE FEATURE PPV Companion Pack (Limited time offer)

The PUSCIFER Double Feature Pay Per View Event is almost here!


This unique PPV event features the concert films: Parole Violator and V is for Versatile.


This bundle includes…

a bag of your choice  (cooler bag or fanny pack / sling)

3 cans of Puscifer Queen B Sparkling Wine (Orange Malvasia, Rosé and Red)

Puscifer Queen B Travel Tumbler

Puscifer Queen B Can Lid

Puscifer Queen B Patch

Sticker pack (including Puscifer Queen B, Caduceus Cellars, and Merkin Vineyards)


Retail value $125+.


Due to to the limited production of these wines, we must limit the number bundles available.


Depending on your shipping location, orders placed after October 18 may not arrive in time for the event.


Visit PUSCIFER.com to order PPV tickets and other assorted goodies.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.