PUSCIFER Queen B – Bag & Bundle

Camping, hiking, boating… whatever your adventure, this bag has you covered. Cheers!

  • 1 – 4pk PUSCIFER Queen B Sparkling Cans (2x QB Sparkling Malvasia, 2x QB Sparkling Rosé)
  • 1 – 7qt Caduceus / Merkin insulated cooler bag
  • 1 – bag of Merkin Vineyards pasta
  • 1 – 8oz jar of Merkin Vineyards Tomato Sauce
  • 2 – Puscifer Travel Tumblers
  • 2 – Puscifer Queen B can lids
  • 2 – stickers (1x Caduceus Cellars , 1x Merkin Vineyards)

($140+ value. Limited offer.)


** For local pickup, Merkin Vineyards (Old Town Scottsdale and Merkin Osteria, Cottonwood) will be offering a Bag & Bundles that includes fresh salads and sandwiches or lasagna cupcakes.  A grab-and-go lunch for 2.


REMINDER! Please be around to accept your package.  WE DO NOT CONDONE VINOCIDE AND WE REFUSE TO REWARD INCOMPETENCE! Wine is a perishable product. Despite all precautions, you do buy at your own risk and there are no refunds or returns on wines. KEEP IN MIND, IF TEMPERATURES DROP/SPIKE WE WILL HOLD ORDERS UNTIL IT WARMS UP/COOLS DOWN.