Puscifer – Global Probing PPV Pack (Limited)

1 x Puscifer / Pusciforce Brief Case

5 x cans of Puscifer : Queen B Mead. Including the unreleased flavored Meads (Rose, Jasmine, Lavender, Bergamot + an unflavored Mead)

2 x Puscifer: Queen B Travel Tumblers

1 x Puscifer UFO Koozie

1 x Puscifer: Queen B Holographic sticker

1 x Puscifer: Queen B Cadet Hat

1 x Billy D Berger Mullet Wig

1 x Womb Broom Moustache (3-pack)


Keep it secret, keep it safe in this super high quality briefcase, featuring Puscifer / Pusciforce branding. Use the case to carry your most important papers and beverage items. If you’re in the field and need to swap identities on the fly, you’ll be glad you have the cap, mullet wig and ‘stache on hand.

Only a few of these special offerings available.


** This item does not ship immediately. It will arrive in time for the OCT 26 PPV event. Global Probing. This bundle contains mead and will ship when weather allows. Ususally, mid-October. 21+ signature required at delivery.