Nagual De La Paciencia

Velvet Slippers Club Archive Wine. Only a few of these special wines left in our Library. Arizona Nebbiolo. Stone fruit with a dash of Apricot. Only available on the website and at the Caduceus Cellars Tasting Room, Jerome, AZ. REMINDER! Wine is a perishable product. Despite all precautions, you do buy at your own risk and there are no refunds or returns on wines. THIS IS A PRE-ORDER ONLY. WE WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL SUMMER TEMPERATURES DROP. KEEP IN MIND, IF TEMPERATURES DROP/SPIKE WE WILL HOLD ORDERS UNTIL IT WARMS UP/COOLS DOWN. LIMITED QUANTITIES REMAIN!!!

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2010 Nagual De La Paciencia


Nebbiolo from our Eliphante block, Cornville, AZ. Patience: No grape embodies the benefit of this word and virtue quite like Nebbiolo. Ruby Hue, Strawberry & Apricots. Soft but age worthy tannins.