Merkin Vineyards – 6 Bottle Pack (Summer 2018)

This 6 bottle pack includes an assortment of Merkin Vineyards white, rosé, and red wines.   2017 Shinola Orancia, 2015 The Diddler, 2017 Jane Pink, 2016 Chupacabra, 2014 Shinola, and 2015 Tarzan Red.

REMINDER! Wine is a perishable product. Despite all precautions, you do buy at your own risk and there are no refunds or returns on wines. KEEP IN MIND, IF TEMPERATURES DROP/SPIKE WE WILL HOLD ORDERS UNTIL IT WARMS UP/COOLS DOWN.


ATTN WINOS: Due to warm temperatures, we are now only offering Summer Bundles.  All packages are shipped on ice, via UPS 2 Day Air (hence the higher shipping fees).  Normal shipping rates will resume in October.  Stay cool.