We are thrilled to announce that we are opening a new Velvet Slippers Club tier.
Tier IV – The Cask Package.
This tier will consist of selections from our Cask programs, featuring such wines as Anubis, Naga, and Primer Paso.  We are opening this tier to ensure you get access to our core wines, which seem to be selling out faster and faster every year. The purpose of this tier is to secure your bottles of these wines before they are sold out.
The Cask Package will be a 3 bottle shipment that ships 4 times per year. This tier will not include any Judiths, Outliers, or VSC Selections. Be advised that in this tier, you may receive more than one bottle of the same wine (same vintage), within a 12 month period as we are dependent on what Mother Nature provides.
Tier IV members will have full Velvet Slippers Club privileges that include early releases and VSC only selections.
Check your inbox. We will be inviting those from our VSC Waiting List first. To sign up for the Waiting List, visit www.caduceus.org. (This a limited tier and not everyone on the list will receive an immediate invitation.)


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