Available Friday (5/28), 2018 AIRAVATA & 2016 SANCHA.
Also, we are digging into the archive to release 2 new box sets. A 3-bottle box from the 2009 vintage and a 6-bottle box featuring early VSC selections with a 2011 Nagual del JUDITH. Get yours at Caduceus (Jerome), www.caduceus.org, and Merkin Vineyards Old Town Scottsdale.
*Due to high temperatures, archive boxes will not be available online until the fall.
2009 3 Bottle Box
’09 Kitsuné
’09 Nagual de la NAGA
’09 Paciencia
Velvet Slipppers Club + 2011 Judith
’11 Nagual del JUDITH
’11 Nagual del MARZO
’12 VSC Aglianico
’12 VSC Garnacha
’12 VSC Montepulciano
’12 VSC Pinot Noir


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