As the solstice approaches, I’ll be making my way towards Arizona to get cozy with my 2006 juice. Touring has kept me more than arms length from the post crush process this year. So I’m very much looking forward to getting back and diving in. Claiming I’m homesick would be an understatement. However, before this European tour is over I will have had the opportunity to spend more than just a day off in a few places I have only dreamt of visiting. Porto, Florence, Venice, Turin (from whence my Italian blood flows), Kilkenny (from whence my Irish blood flows), Athens and Cairo. An excellent finale to an excellent year. What better way to end the year than to stare into the eyes of the Sphinx?(I will soon be posting photos. I’ve been waiting to report on a few of these. Wine Spectator was going to have me do an online BLOG. But no final word yet.)
BTW… thank you all so much for your support and interest in the wines. Everything is pretty much sold out. Only a few more cases of the 2004 Nagual Del SENSEI remain. If all goes well, I will be releasing the 2005 Merkin Vineyards, “CHUPACABRA” just after the new year. The 2005 Caduceus Primer Paso and my first ever Arizona White Wine, the 2006 Caduceus “Dos Ladrones” will soon follow. Fingers crossed. I will keep you all informed.


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