Spectacular vintage on many levels. We recently acquired the Buhl Memorial Vineyard in the Kansas Settlement outside of Willcox, AZ. 80 acre site. 70 acres under vine. It’s a long way from being restructured but the effectiveness of our efforts was immediately apparent. The fruit survived the monsoons, came in even and gorgeous, and the numbers fairly spot on. Still seeing some issues with pH but that’s most likely due to some poor prior management decisions. We’ll be struggling with that on this site for awhile. Our first fruit came from this site and came off earlier than I’ve seen. July 25th. And it appears our neighbors are on the same page. The fruit we received from Cimarron and Rolling View was incredible. Up North was also a delight. Tempranillo, Sangiovese, NegroAmaro, Barbera, and several others made my heart sing. Most of the reds saw a bit of submerged cap fermentation, but I’ll go into that more in a different post.


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