Today Marks the 5 year anniversary of Judith Marie’s surrender to a 29 year struggle against time and gravity. Take a moment to count your blessings. Remind yourself that life is short. (In Judith’s case, long and painful.) Take a deep breath and allow the petty stuff to disintegrate into dust and blow away. It’s all gonna work out.
Judith’s last wishes were that her final resting place be near me. So I brought her ashes to my home in Arizona and spread her across the South East facing slope so every morning she could watch the sunrise with me. Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, her new wings are these estate vines. And like her, these vines are tenacious, vigorous, stubborn, and the fruit is sexy and complex. I’m going to name this wine “Nagual del Judith, Judith’s Cabernet Sauvignon.” Now she gets finally to travel around the world, meet new and interesting people, and be around lots and lots of great food. Heaven.


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