Went out of town for about 5 weeks to play some theater shows with APC. Must have been the stress of changing gears so quickly from Crush to Tour Prep but I got sick. Started off the tour with a raging head cold that immediately went to my throat. Sucked. But I managed to navigate it. When I got back to the Bunker it was time to get the Petit off it’s muck, run SO2’s, and to top off all the barrels. Surprising how much wine gets absorbed. The “Angels Share” was roughly 1 gallon per barrel only 5 weeks after I left. That adds up. Clearly the Angels are alcoholics. I used this nifty argon pressurized filler nozzle that clamps on top of a retrofitted beer keg on a dolly. Felt like a Candy Striper dropping off pills to patients.


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