We’re all living in this artist community because on some level we all know/feel how special and unique Jerome is. Its independence and its individuality are extremely important to us. Something new is happening here. The winemakers here now know something that the town and the rest of the world will soon discover. The grapes grown on the slopes of this old mining town are unique and world class. The wine being produced from these grapes is like no other. We’ve discovered a new gold mine. It’s an endeavor that doesn’t scorch or scar the Earth. Rather, it preserves open space, uses less water per square foot than average households, and brings a whole new dimension of art to this already artistic community. Times are difficult. Only communities with something unique to offer will be able to weather this storm. We now have the potential for that stability. We’ve been presented with an opportunity to show other communities what is possible if you listen to the ground beneath your feet. This endeavor isn’t just about our valley. It’s about yours as well. Be warned. It won’t work unless you make the difficult effort to reconnect. It wasn’t easy here and it won’t be easy there. But believe me. It’s worth it.


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