In late November myself and several of my extended family members aka Arizona winemakers had the privilege of meeting up with several extremely well respected wine writers aka “Superheroes” to give them a peek into our wine growing world. The trip was labeled A2Z by writer and fellow world traveler, David Furer and began at our friendly backyard sandbox winemaking competition, The Festival at the Farm. We dragged these poor saps all the way from Phoenix to Jerome to Sonoita to Elgin to Willcox to Tucson all in the span of just 4.5 days. They were exposed to the extremely diverse terrain and personalities of our state and humans and as you can read from a few of the links provided, not only survived but actually enjoyed their brief but condensed time with us all. Witness their growing list of thoughts on our potential as a wine growing region.

The list of superheroes in attendance and a few links describing their experience with us kooks:

Superhero Journalists:
* Andrew Chalk (Dallas TX) Kind Words from Andrew
* Stuart Pigott (New York NY) Kind Words from Stuart  More Kind Words from Stuart
* W. Blake Gray (San Francisco CA) Kind Words from W Blake Gray (page 10-11!)
* Laurie Daniel (San Jose CA)
* Linda Murphy (Sonoma CA)
* Sara Schneider (San Francisco CA)

Also in attendance:
Amanda Danielson, Advanced Sommelier (Trattoria Stella,Traverse City MI)
Brian Phillips, Advanced Sommelier (Austin TX)

Superhero Journalists preceding and punctuating the A2Z visit:
* Elaine Chukan Brown aka Hawk Waka Waka (Sonoma, CA) Kind Words from Hawk WakaWaka
* Dan “The Imbiber” Dunn (Venice CA) Kind Words from The Imbiber
(More to come from this nut cake. And I mean that in the best way possible.)

Oh. And this guy…
Todd Cant Touch This Bostock


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