Just saw a shooting star. To be honest, with just a slice of focus you can see more than just a few every night. The trick is to remind myself that each and every time it’s special. I don’t live in Chicago. Or New York or Los Angeles. If I did it would be a miracle if I could filter out all the light noise to see this. So I respect these events. It’s a conscious decision to honor every time I have the privilege to witness these specific moments. These moments are what separate us from the rabble, the unconscious, and the extra people who get caught up in the reality TV of it all.
Today I moved several hundred cases of wine with an unfamiliar forklift. Before you judge, ask yourself when was the last time you drove a forklift. It was a challenge I’ve resisted for months. You see, I just got used to using what is considered a “normal” forklift. Put it in forward or reverse. Decision made. Next step. Gas peddle or break. Up or Down. Steering wheel left or right. Not with this Puzzle. My new forklift defies logic. I’m not left handed. On this creature, you steer, standing sideways, left hand driving left or right, right hand actively deciding forward or backward. Nothing like drivers ed. Totally counter intuitive. Like a friggin late nineteen hundreds X-Box. But I managed to navigate it. Not a drop of wine spilled. Of course it took me 5 times longer than the average multi dexterous omnivore. But job well done. Hence the star-gazing. Life is good. Just remember to breathe.


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