In a recent email to Eric…
“Dear Eric,
I’m having an affair.
Her name is Tempranillo.
I love her, dude.
Please don’t tell Syrah.
Brother Maynard”
These past few days in Madrid have been spent in a honeymoon haze. The gorgeous architecture looks even more brilliant through a glass of Pedrosa or L’ Ermita or Vega Sicilia “Unico.” But hands down the most memorable gem we unearthed on this visit was the Aalto “PS.” I’m useless when it comes to descriptions so I won’t waste your time. Suffice to say I haven’t had that level of “Tongasm” since my first date with a bottle of Vina Sastre “Pesus.” Bodega. To quote my wine drinking partner, Todd, “Tell me again why it is we don’t live here?”


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