I’ve always been puzzled and fascinated by Easter. Jesus, eggs, bunnies. It never really made much sense to me as a child, so I kept looking into it. (I grew up a Southern Baptist sort of. A more accurate description would be to say that I grew up in a Southern Baptist household. They weren’t very fond of my favorite word. “WHY?”)
Several years ago I came across an interview with Joseph Campbell, the master of Myth and Metaphor. He was discussing this very subject. (Easter. Not irreverent children) He was blending elements of the Equinox, the cycle of the moon, and story of Christ. Regeneration and Transformation was the basic thrust. I’ll do my best to regurgitate the elements I remember most.
He set up his story of Easter by reminding us of a more difficult time. A time when we came out of the Fall Equinox and harvest season with the hopes of making it through what could be a difficult winter. He described the celebration of the winter solstice, and the turning point from the darkest of days, when the light of hope appeared on the horizon, leading us to Spring and our salvation. A time of regeneration, resurrection, and fertility. But the most intriguing metaphor he described, for me, was the cycle of the moon as it related to the lifespan and maturity of a man/Jesus.
The moon, like a child, shows it’s first sliver of light and intellect in the form of the crescent. And as it progresses, it’s light and understanding becomes stronger and brighter. This being/ego/entity begins to shine brightly, until it reaches it’s MID life, the full moon. This to me is the beauty of the Equinox and Easter. For those of you lucky enough to have a clear view of both the Eastern and Western horizons, do yourself a favor and get up at sun rise. On a perfect Easter/Equinox morning, you should be able to see 2 bodies of light, one on either horizon. If it’s clear enough, and If you don’t know your East from your West, the sun and moon appear to be equally bright and you may not be able to tell them apart. It’s at this moment in this mans/moons life that he should realize, if he’s a truly conscious and connected being, that the light he has been emanating and boasting about is not his own. Rather it is being reflected off/through him from a Higher source/power. “I and my Father are one,” if I may quote todays guest of honor.
Have a lovely holiday. Time to get back to the vineyard. Gotta assist Mother Nature in turning some water and sunshine into wine.


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