Returned to the cellar from a jaunt about the globe and dove right into racking the 2010 juice. A bit daunting going it Solo for the first time but I managed just fine. Took me 4 days to move the roughly 2500 gallons/950 cases. The hardest part was the logistics. I spent most of that time standing there scratching my head and playing mind chess with the barrels. The limited space in the cellar requires some strategy. Visualizing what goes where and when was key. Also had to decide on blends long before the wine left the barrel. Measure thrice, cut once, said the carpenter. Some happy surprises. Ended up with a few more Velvet Slippers Club offerings than previously planned. I Co-Fermented Petit Syrah with 9% Malvasia Bianca in Barrel. I started it in bin and then pressed and moved it into New French Oak one third of the way thru ferment. Scary risk. I’ll be dialing that process in next crush, but overall great results.


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