We do stuff. Well I do anyway. I see the sky at night in Northern Arizona and I can’t help but plan. I can’t sit still. I can feel the earth moving and I want to keep up and show her that I care. I want to show her that I know that my efforts count for something. She knows this. We tend to forget. But I forget nothing. My efforts matter. Your efforts matter. Every single heart felt effort, thought, movement, declaration, affirmation, ritualistic statement. It all matters. Life is too short to let all these opportunities/observations pass by unexpressed. I guess what I’m saying is… Get Off YOUR ASS and SAY/DO something. Even if it’s just standing on your porch, in your backyard, with your glass extended towards the heavens…Just declare that you care. Promise yourself/the Universe that you intend to make a difference. If we all did this, just imagine what a better place this would be. The whole world would ALMOST be as awesome as Northern Arizona. Snap.


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