We planted roughly 333 Vines on the beautiful slopes of Merkin West. Beautiful to behold, but not so fun to navigate. Hillside vineyards are a chore and treacherous. But worth the extra effort. We hope that these vines do as well as the Malvasia Bianca down at our other location, Az Stronghold Vineyards, in Cochise county. Because the vies were just coming out of cold storage and becasue we were still risking a late frost, we had to mound the vines. Once the wake up, and the danger of frost has passed, they will simply push thruogh the top soil and say hello. Can’t wait to greet them. My father was here to help. He’s in better shape than Beckham. I was tempted to shove him over the edge a few times for making me look like a sissy. But we needed the help. Maybe next time.


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