Everyone. My father, my so called friends, everyone has some condescending word to say about my pimp ride. My trusty piece. It’s understandable. Jealousy makes people do some very odd things. It makes them behave irrationally. It’s understandable. All these people willingly commit the 2nd of the 7 deadly sins and openly envy my 1979 Subaru Brat. Of course. It’s a sweet ride. The Merkin Mobile. The one and only. No self respecting vineyard is complete without one. She may not have the use of her wipers. She may not have a rear window. She may not even have an FM radio. And never mind that her handles aren’t what they used to be and that she has more leaks than looks. She is my 1st love and she is perfect. A flaming bag of dog pooh on door step of all who falsely claim otherwise.


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