Every New Grape Growing & Wine Making region longs for its Judgement of Paris moment. A blind event that levels the playing field. An event where experts recognize your efforts as world class. We, the AZ Wine Growers, haven’t quite had that moment with our wines yet, but we recently came damn close. Before 2012 the San Francisco International Wine Competition, a highly respected event that does NOT just hand out medals indiscriminately, had only awarded a couple Bronze medals to an Arizona wine.  This year however, not One, but TWO separate Arizona Winemakers received GOLD medals. Myself and Tim White of our Sister Company, Arizona Stronghold. He won Gold Medals for the 2010 ASV Site Archive Syrah and ASV Tazi, and a Double Gold medal for the 2010 ASV Dala Cabernet. I won a Gold Medal for the 2011 Dos Ladrones. Several Silver medals were awarded to both of us as well, including my 2010 Anubis. This is an historic step towards acceptance in the International/National Wine Makers world. Congratulations go out to Tim. We wish him continued success. This is a big win for Arizona Wines.


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