So much mystery around here. Ghost town. Abduction stories. Rumors of an Anton Levy order. The mysterious disappearance of the Anasazi Indians, etc. All of which are fascinating but not nearly as much as the vague recollections of a local winemaker back in the mining days. Now you have my attention. No one I’ve run into seems to know the full story. The pieces were enough. Once I heard the rumors I was dead set on planting grapes and making wine in Jerome. Once I vocalized that intention, the rumors around town started to pour in. Supposedly it was the late husband of one of the local Tamale Ladies who used to grow the grapes and make the wine. Once again, no hard evidence. Just stories. Then Dave discovered a vine growing without assistance out by the Little Daisy. We took cuttings and planted the canes once they established roots. This week they produced a few random bunches of grapes. As each of us simultaneously tasted a grape, our eyes lit up. Jerome Gold mine indeed. Eric seems to think they may be Gerwurstraminer. I poured through some grape text books and I would have to agree. That, Riesling, Tokay, or Muscat. Regardless, these are proper wine grapes. Not table grapes planted on a whim. There is no doubt in my mind that these were brought to Jerome and planted with the intention of making wine. Today was truly a good day.


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