Somewhere in northern Italy, not sure where exactly, is a very specific bed and breakfast. Currently owned by a lawyer who purchased the parcel from the real estate savvy niece of the late Mr. Marzo. Father to Albert Marzo and Great Grand father to me. This mystery B&B, the birthplace and childhood home of my Grandmother Louise Marzo-Keenan, is tucked away somewhere along the mountainous border between France and Italy near the Susa Valley just 30 minutes from Turino. (Turin) I don’t speak a word of Italian aside from “salute!” So trying to track down this elusive B&B is proving to be quite a challenge. By most accounts it was surrounded by a beautiful vineyard and had its own winery. This of course was before all the chaos ensued. WW2, deaths in the family, and chronic health issues pretty much ended it’s vineyard status. This is of course all 3rd hand information. Feel free to fill in the gaps for me. It would be much appreciated.
We spent our evening off dining at Combal Zero Restaurant, within the Castello di Rivoli complex on the outskirts of Turino, Italy. The cab ride up was suspect. We seemed to drive forever. But the cab driver kept reassuring us with the dreaded, “Not a problem.” Which translates to, “You silly tourists need to lighten up and enjoy the ride.” And of course he was right. There was no problem. The restaurant is on the 2nd floor of the complex. And although the overcast night skies prevented us from fully enjoying the view above the city, it didn’t seem to affect the evening. Excellent menu and wine list. The chef is a true artist. I can’t seem to find the photos we took, but I’m sure they’re somewhere. Most likely on that compact camera I can’t seem to locate.


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