Cheers, Brothers and Sisters. The Sun has finally found it’s way back to us. As you may have already learned through listening to and reading our stories, we live in hostile territory here in the South West. Arizona is lined top to bottom with Rattle Snakes, Scorpions, Buzzards, Brown Recluse, Black Widows, Walapai Tigers, Havalina, Republicans, and Hippies. All survivors, all formidable foes. And the hostility isn’t confined to the critters. Here it is. Late April, early May. Two weekends in a row the temps dropped to between 31 and 26 degrees on all of our sites. Clenched fist pounding Panic Button. Repeatedly.
Fortunately we came through with only some minor damage. But only due to some heroic efforts by our combined vineyard teams, Merkin Vineyards and Orchard Green Management, Page Springs Vineyards, and Arizona Stronghold Vineyards. We set up make shift sprinkler systems on Merkin West, Blowers and fans on East and South, 55 Gallon Doo Wop style Fire Drums and Gregorian Chanters at Page Springs, Bon Fires and acre long troughs of water at Bonita Springs, and at ASV, we had over 300 smudge pots going. As well as Bazzilon BTU heaters mounted on Kabota harvest trailers. Stressful but worth it. You will all have the opportunity to drink 2010 Arizona wines because of these efforts. This is just another reason why you should savor every drop of wine that ever crosses your lips. Ours is not the only vineyard on this tiny blue ball that fights tooth and nail for it’s survival. ALL noteworthy regions are faced with equally crop threatening circumstances. Pouring out one for my Homies. Respect.

We’ve just released some of our 100% Arizona wines in the Tasting Room and online. Very satisfying to finally have so many home grown wines.


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