It’s rare that I actually have time while touring to take in the local architecture, cuisine, art, etc. Usually we wake up in a parking lot, navigate the clouds of cigarette smoke generated by the local crew who have yet to see “thank you for smoking,” do a sound check, maybe endure a phone interview, do a show for the kids, get back in the bus, and go to sleep in my coffin shaped bunk only to wake up in another parking lot. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. But this tour has been different. Hallelujah.
Another day off in another beautiful city that I’ve been to a dozen times but never really seen. This time it’s Florence, Italy. Believe the hype. Florence is stunning. I practically wore out my tourist trigger finger snapping photos. We found a great wine shop as well. Let me rephrase that. We found a gold mine. This little place had a lifetime supply of 95 and 97 Brunello Reservas. Biandi Santi, Soldera, Fuglini to name a few. Don’t ask me for the name of the shop. I’m stingy when it comes to rare Brunello’s. However, I will share the name of a great restaurant. Acqua Al 2. Excellent food and service. The waiter was quite a character. I’d tell you all about what I ate but I can’t remember. Blame the Brunello. I know it involved plate after plate of homemade pastas followed up with what we refer to as a “meat ambush.” I’m gaining weight just typing about it.


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