Had a great time on the East Side visiting accounts.  Roughly 8-10 accounts a day, with only 30 to 45 minutes each to tell our AZ story. Made a lot of new friends. It’s truly inspiring how much the overall attitude has changed. Although attitude no longer characterizes the exchange. We’re now having interesting and interested conversations. Wine directors and somms are now asking the right questions. However, “attitude” most certainly characterized all of the conversations 10 years ago when I poured my first wines to the smug doubters. The tides have most definitely turned in Arizona’s favor. This June, I’ll be participating in my 3th James Beard House dinner with chef Michael Carrino, Pig & Prince Restaurant.

We’re doing our best to keep up with our “Store Locator” feature under “Contact.” If you are a vendor looking for our juice in your state, just look up our local distributor. If you’re a wino just looking to try our wines, then do the same. Look up our local distributor in your state and go to your local wine shop and/or local kick ass restaurant and let them know who distributes our wines. NOT ALL SHOPS OR RESTAURANTS WILL CARRY OUR WINES. So frequent the ones who do. Usually the shops and restaurants who stock our juice will also be focused on local or small production produce, brewers, vintners, charcuterie, etc. So you’re better off supporting them anyway. LOCAL FIRST.


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