Lei Li and I spent some time in Adelaide grilling Peter Gago over some techniques. Having a year of solo wine making under our belt, the questions have become more specific and now come with a frame of reference. Of course there are now twice as many questions and my brain is on par with that of a squirrels when it comes to retaining answers. And I’m far too ADHD to bring a pen let alone paper write it all down. He’s a well spring of knowledge and more than happy to share. I had the opportunity to taste thru the upcoming releases from Penfolds which reconfirmed my attraction to blends. Although the Cellars reserve Cabernet was quite tasty. Also had a lovely pasta heavy dinner with Peter and Philip White on Chinese New year. Good to see Philip again. He’s the real deal. Check out his blog. www.drinkster.com Much to say and all well put.


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