Took Puscifer and A Perfect Circle to Australia. Great excuse to get hands dirty for OZ 2013 vintage. Spent some quality time at Penfolds historic Magill Estate with Peter Gago and Jason Barrette. (Also busting ass: Shane Boyle, Jimi Lienert and James Ellis) The benefits of wood capped pressurized fermentation in these ancient cement fermenters, as it relates to maximum color extraction, is undeniable. These images aren’t photo shopped. That’s the color of their Shiraz. You could paint with it. (I believe these ferments are bound for either Grange, Magill Estate Shiraz, or Bin 389. I think.) Still not sold on the Basket Press. I prefer my state of the art bladder press. Like comparing Pong to Tomb Raider. My opinion.


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