This morning Eric and I did a final sampling of all the wine. Soon we will combine all the separate components into the final 3 blends. Very Exciting for me. Terrifying and exciting. With my lack of experience it feels like such a leap of faith. The only major change from our earlier blind tasting is in the Primer Paso. Initially it was going to be primarily Carriage Vineyard Syrah with 10% Malvasia. Having tried it again we felt the C.V. Was masking the Malvasia a bit too much, but any increase in the Malvasia flattened out the C.V Syrah. We added another Syrah from Heartstone and it seemed to do the trick. It enhanced the Lovely floral nose of the Malvasia while still maintaining the hearty Shiraz palate. Hope we made the right call. Time will tell.


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