The film is in the editing phase. Lot’s of re-edits. From what I understand, documentaries are tough to pull off. There may be more to the story than what’s been captured on film. Or there may be plenty of film, but the convenient sound bites are few and far between. Most people don’t speak in outline form. So I can imagine how hard it must be for this film crew/editing crew to form a story with discernable depth and layers. From what I can tell so far, having viewed a few of the edits, the main goals of this endeavor will be reached. We want to dispel the preconceived notions about grape growing and wine making in Arizona. We want to remove all doubts about this region. Beyond that, we want to show that IF IT’S POSSIBLE HERE, IT’S POSSIBLE WHERE YOU ARE as well. And in the process we hope to entertain. Every story worth it’s salt has both the comedic and tragic elements. So our second goal would be to show that even though it’s possible to make great wine here, it wasn’t a cake walk. The struggle is and was present every step of the way. Pioneering uncharted territory is never easy and the unknown variables kick you right in the jimmy hard and often. Hence the need to crack a joke, write and sing a song, and share a moment with friends to let off steam. I’m hoping this film can capture all of this and more. to check out the latest trailer go here…


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